Sacred Music Colloquium 2011 Video

Below is the video for the 2011 Sacred Music Colloquium from CC Watershed. Seeing such devotion to the beauty of the sacrifice of the mass gives hope that this zeal can spread here… Continue reading

SSPX Superior +Fellay in Rome…Final Countdown?

The net has been abuzz with talk of the SSPX’s Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, being in Rome today concerning the Doctrainal Preamble that could bring the SSPX back into full canonical status… Continue reading

Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass) Coming soon to Jefferson City Diocese?

The interwebs are a’tingling with whispers of the Latin Mass coming to a ‘prominent place’ in the Jefferson City Diocese. Being from Rolla myself, I of course am hoping for St. Patrick’s to… Continue reading

61 People accounted for, 20 signatures

Here in the Jefferson City Diocese, we have begun a petition. with signatures for 20 familes, representing a total of 61 faithful. We have seen tremendous support for bringing the Extraordinary Form of… Continue reading