Jefferson City Priest Co-Runs new site on the Liturgy, is a new website dedicated to informing the faithful of the history of the Roman Rite, why it is constructed the way it is, and op-ed’s on the state of the Liturgy. Jefferson CIty’s very own Rev. Dylan Schrader is a regular contributor, with articles on the theology of the priesthood, the representation of the sacrifice at calvary, and even Ad Orientem Liturgy:

People commonly refer to ad orientem worship as “the priest with his back to the people.” This characterization, while literally correct, presumes a view of the Mass that has already reduced the congregation to being only an audience…If, as Catholic doctrine demands, we begin with an affirmation that the congregation offers the Mass through and with the priest, that they are fundamentally associated with the action of Christ through the priest and have their own proper role, we would hardly be tempted to say that the priest stands “with his back to the people.” We may as well say that the people in the first pew stand with their backs to the people in the second pew. Rather, we would naturally say that the people face the altar together with the priest. They all face the same direction, since they are all engaged in the same sacred action…

Fr. Dylan Schrader (center) after celebrating the Latin mass in Rolla, Missouri.

-From the article “Behind the Altar”, June 7th 2012

Sites such as Pray the Mass are a great testament to the faith, especially when ran by faithful, orthodox priests. It’s even more uplifting to see Fr. Schrader involved, as our Diocese surely needs young priests with New Media sensibilities, and a solid liturgical, and orthodox formation.

Thank you very much, Fr. Schrader. You are in all of our prayers.

– Ozark Catholic