Fr. Rodriguez Update: Precious Blood and Valencia Novena

Fr. Michael Rodriguez

Here is the latest from David Rodriguez (Fr. Michael Rodriguez’ brother):

Pax Christi All,

– Today is Day 1 (first day) of our Novena in Honor of the Saint Rafael Guizar y Valencia, Bishop and Confessor. 

The novena is attached. San Rafael Guizar y Valencia was a holy and saintly Mexican bishop in Veracruz, during the time that the Mexican government of Pultarco Elias Calles enacted heavy measures against the Catholic Church and Faithful. This is the same time period of the Cristero’s Defense of the Faith and Pius XI’s proclamation of the Social Kingship of Christ. (For those who have seen the movie “For Greater Glory” – he was a bishop at the same time period). He was persecuted horribly and had to flee Mexico several times. In fact, his journeys brought him both to San Antonio and El Paso. When I lived in San Antonio I met his nephew, who was leading to promote devotion to San Guizar y Valencia in San Antonio, including have a statue dedicated to him. He was a very humble, poor and wise bishop, very talented as well in evading the Federal authorities who sought his life. He always sought alms for the poor and even did so on his own credit, which was purely spiritual, reminding the rich donors that “God Himself will repay this my debt to you.” Although he did not die a a martyrs death, as many others did during this time, he suffered much – both from slander and physical ailments. Following several miracles, he was canonized a saint in 2006.

(Yesterday we concluded the Novena in Honor of the Precious Blood.)

There is also a new sermon available at the website, this past Sunday, Fr. Rodriguez preached on the Precious Blood. You can listen to it at:

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. May you have a blessed Fourth of July – and let us remember what true freedom is – including real religious freedom – as per the traditional and immutable teaching of the one holy Catholic Church.

Ad Iesum per Mariam,


PDF: Novena St Rafael Guizar Valencia