61 People accounted for, 20 signatures

Latin Mass coverage on CNN
Here in the Jefferson City Diocese, we have begun a petition. with signatures for 20 familes, representing a total of 61 faithful. We have seen tremendous support for bringing the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite to the Ozarks in our Diocese.

What’s most surprising? The signatures attained thus far are all from young people! Now, we’ve only handed the petition out to local schools, but the response from Newman Students at the University, and even the recently Confirmed High Schoolers is a great blessing! We continue to pray for more faithful to discover the Extraordinary form, for our priests as they shepard their flocks towards holiness, and for His Excellency, Bishop John Gaydos of Jefferson City, Missouri.

We should all continue to pray for our Seminarians as well-that they may learn due reverence for both forms of the Roman Rite, and in time be bold to spread a deeper theology to the faithful in our diocese.

Pax Christi,