Why trads have trepidation

People in the Catholic web seem to think traditional-leaning Catholics are bitter, self loathing individuals who actively try to sow discord. They thensee the precision of the liturgy and impose on it a reflection… Continue reading

Liturgist Bishop Peter Elliot in St. Louis September 29th & 30th

Liturgist Bishop Peter Elliot in St. Louis September 29th & 30th The St. Louis Chapter of the Latin Liturgy Association is pleased to welcome liturgist Bishop Peter Elliot to St. Louis Saturday and… Continue reading

AMENDED: “Cat is Crucified by Nigerian Muslims” Not Nigerian, not sure if Muslim…

From Fr. Z’s Blog: Muslims stage…an anti-Christian protest by crucifying a cat. We will all be watching and waiting for rampaging Christians to storm Nigerian Embassies around the world after hearing sermons at their… Continue reading

Happy Birthday: Summorum Pontificum turns 5 today!!

Five years ago today, Pope Benedict’s Motu Proprio (i.e, release on is on accord) Summorum Pontificum went into effect. Since then, EF Latin Mass apostolates have sprung up in Kansas City, Springfield, and Saint… Continue reading

Vivere Proavis: A look at the continual influence of Latin on Modern English

Pope Benedict XVI’s 2007 Motu Proprio1 Summorum Pontificum detailed the relation between the Ordinary Form and the 1962 Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. Within the letter he writes The Roman Missal promulgated… Continue reading

Blog Highlight: Modern Medievalism on the painted church

  I’m finally back after the busy beginning of the semester. To start the new year, I thought I’d share a Post from Modern Medievalism’s blog on the splendor of a painted church.… Continue reading

Fr. Rodriguez Update: Precious Blood and Valencia Novena

Here is the latest from David Rodriguez (Fr. Michael Rodriguez’ brother): Pax Christi All, – Today is Day 1 (first day) of our Novena in Honor of the Saint Rafael Guizar y Valencia, Bishop and Confessor. … Continue reading

Jefferson City Priest Co-Runs new site on the Liturgy, PrayTheMass.org

PrayTheMass.org is a new website dedicated to informing the faithful of the history of the Roman Rite, why it is constructed the way it is, and op-ed’s on the state of the Liturgy.… Continue reading

July 1st: Feast of the Precious Blood & 25th Anniversary of Fr. Herman’s Priestly Ordination

From The Oratory’s Facebook page:  On Sunday, July 1st, Feast of the Precious Blood, Fr. Jean-Pierre Herman (Assistant Priest at St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis, MO and OId St. Patrick Oratory… Continue reading

Vancouver Ordinary Vocation Video & Photos

Father Pablo Santa Maria-Ordained May 26th of this year, recently celebrated his first Solemn High Mass. In a video provided below by the Archdiocese of Vancouver (Click on the image below to view… Continue reading